Price changes! Dear customers, due to price increases of suppliers and inflation, I had to make the hard decision to increase my prices. This adjustment will help make sure that everyone who directly and indirectly (ex. farmers) works with this business, is paid fairly. It also ensures that my products are made with high quality, organic and fair trade ingredients (and love!), packaged low waste in metal tins, are refined sugar free, soy free, and vegan. These all cost more than conventional ingredients. Thank you for your support and love for these chocolates.

If you're picking up your order at Hail Snail, please sign up for the day & time when you'll be picking up. You can pick up within 24 hours of that time. 

*** I offer $2 off your tin if you're returning your used tin (rubber bands and labels can be returned too), I will sanitize them and reuse them.

At checkout, use code : RETURNTIN for $2 off and bring your tin back when you're picking up the new one.***