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How can I return my tin?

Find me at events/markets for discount on returns. You can also return your tin at Bastion PDX in Sellwood, Dandelion Teahouse in Vancouver, WA or at Hail Snail in North Portland, but I can only give you a discount on your next tin purchase if you return it directly to me. You can also sign up for tin pick ups at your house by going to the "Book Online" page. You can return your tin anytime, there is no expiration.

My tin is dented, can I still return it?

Yes, I can still reuse it or I can recycle it for you. Just keep it out of the landfill!

Do you deliver?

Yes, next day, zero emission delivery is offered within 8 miles of Peninsula Park for $6 or within 12 miles for $10. No delivery on Sunday. I will get in touch with you once you placed your order about when you can expect your delivery.

Is there an option to pick up my order?

Orders can be picked up at Hail Snail (6550 N Interstate Ave.) Thu-Sun 11a-5p, at farmers markets/events (please see events page for more information), or you can also do pick ups at my domestic kitchen, please contact me to for details.

Do you have a shop?

Coming soon!

Do you ship?

Yes, I offer shipping in the USA, but not to places that are potentially too hot. For now, I don't ship to Florida, California, Arizona and Hawaii. Thank you for understanding. If you live in parts of these states that are not too hot, or you think it will be okay, please just contact me!

Do you have any products without vanilla?

Yes, the white chocolates and the Guatemalan chocolates don't have vanilla.


Are these products safe for people with celiac disease or peanut allergy?

No. The chocolates are prepared in a kitchen that is NOT gluten free or peanut free. All surfaces are thoroughly cleaned before using them, but as it's a very small kitchen, I can't guarantee that there is no cross contamination.

BUT I'm actively looking for a shop which will be a designated gluten free and dairy free kitchen. So please check back later and/or

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Are these products safe for people with nut allergies?

No, I use lots of nuts in my products and cross contamination is possible. I do have products though that don't contain nuts, so if you are not worried about cross contamination, there are definitely chocolates for you: the berry truffles, the green tea truffles, the citrus & herb tin, the white chocolate bars, and the pure dark bars don't contain nuts.

Are the dried fruits sweetened?

No, all dried fruits are pure.


How long do the chocolates last?

The chocolate tins will last weeks, but eat them fresh for best flavor. The truffles last for about a week, accept the new truffles with the coconut oil base. The bars should last for a year or so.

Do they need to be refrigerated?

Only the truffles with coconut milk base need to be refrigerated: berry truffles, Love to Oregon 1 and 2, and the green tea truffles. However, the all chocolate assortments contain coconut oil, so you need to keep them away from heat and sun. So when the temperature is warm/hot, it's best to put them in the fridge. The best temperature for them is 70 F. 


Which product doesn't have coconut?

The pure dark chocolate bars don't have coconut products. All chocolate assortments have coconut oil. The white chocolates are made with coconut milk. The truffles have coconut milk or coconut oil. Cross contamination is possible.


Which product doesn't have nuts?

The citrus & herb chocolate tin, the berry truffles, the green tea truffles, the white chocolate bars and the pure dark bars don't have nuts. 

Cross contamination is possible. Some contain coconut.


Can the chocolates be shipped?

Yes, except those that need to be refrigerated: the berry truffles, Love to Oregon 1 and 2 truffles, and the green tea truffles cannot be shipped. Also, remember chocolates melt, so don't ship them to a place that's too hot.

What sweetener do you use?

Domestic maple sugar (crystalized maple syrup) for dark chocolates,

Lakanto monkfruit sweetener for white chocolates (it has erythritol and monkfruit extract),

and the Guatemala chocolate assortment has a little bit of panela in it, which is a traditional unrefined cane sugar.

I also use pure dates and other dried fruits. For more information, check the ingredients on each product page!

Where is your cacao from?

I source pure cacao paste (ground up cacao beans) from Ecuador and Guatemala (ceremonial cacao) at the moment.

Do you use remelted chocolate or do you make your chocolates from scratch?

I make the chocolates from scratch, using pure cacao paste (ground up cacao beans), cacao butter, maple sugar, vanilla and Oregon sea salt.

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