Plant-based. Sustainably sourced. Peanut-free. Gluten-free. Soy-free. No palm oil. No refined sugar. Organic ingredients. Zero waste.

Shopping for the holidays? See events/markets page for which markets I will be selling at or order online.
For Christmas, find my products at Lonesome Pictopia: December 22-24, 820 N Russell St, Portland, OR 97227.
Hours: 12/22 Wed 9a-8p, 12/23 Thu 9a-2p, 12/24 Fri 9a-5p

Autumn special assortment 3_edited_edited
Hojicha green tea truffles
Espresso cream filled chocolates
Chocolate assortments
Tea truffles
Kamairicha gree tea truffles
Espresso chocolates in the sun
Blueberry filled coconut balls
Nutbutter filled dark chocolate assortment
Autumn special assortment
Raspberry cream filled chocolates
Orange iron booster bar
Pecan caramel filled chocolates
Raspberry hibiscus white chocolates
Strawberry truffle
Chocolate squares
Huckleberry and chocolates = truffles
Blueberry hazelnut bars
Energy treats
White chocolate covered aronia berry lavender truffles
Matcha mint rose bars
Chocolates - mint and toasted coconut
Berry truffle assortment
White chocolate bars
Chocolate tins
Nut-based truffles
White and dark chocolate assortments
Chocolate tins
White chocolates, lemon and turmeric
Truffle tin
Energy treats
Heart shaped white and dark chocolates
Chocolate tins
Turmeric energy treats
ReTreat logo
Morning coffee and chocolates
Chocolate bars
Energy treat aronia
Aronia truffle with lavender
White chocolates heart shaped
Valentine's Day
Oregon Rose Truffles
Turmeric Truffles
Valentine's Day
Energy treats
Coffee and Chocolate
Chocolate tins
Chocolate bar with rose